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The Department of Social Anthropology of Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences is the only one in Greece which offers undergraduate and postgraduate studies entirely dedicated to this field. Anthropology, emphasizing field research conducted around the globe, is considered the most holistic of the social sciences, as it deals with a wide range of fields of study that are usually considered separately from other social sciences and humanities.

In a world that is becoming concentrated due to globalization, but also more marked by social injustice, contradictions, and contradictions, threatened by environmental disasters and epidemics, anthropology -using a comparative approach and emphasizing interdisciplinarity- analyses and reveals the intimate relations between the local and the global, the center and the regions.

Anthropology is also a reflective science capable of changing the way we see and interpret the world around us, making us more attentive and sensitive, leading us to reconsider not only social and cultural constructs and structures, but also the ways of thinking, attitudes, and emotions we take for granted. Anthropological studies teach us that there are other worlds, other modes of thinking and perceiving, often different from those with which we are most familiar, emphasizing the importance of interculturality and respect for diversity, the defense of human rights, and social justice.

In our department, teachers and students form a vibrant and inclusive community, regardless of nationality, class, ability, and sexual identity, against all forms of racism and discrimination.

Our undergraduate and postgraduate programs offer students a solid theoretical, methodological, and experiential background that promotes critical thinking and social awareness, as well as the development of skills and knowledge in various fields that can be applied to a wide range of career orientations.

On behalf of the teaching, research, and administrative staff of the Department, I welcome you with the certainty that the years you will spend with us will be creative and fruitful.


Diana Riboli

Head of Department



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