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What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small file that can be placed on your device. It is sent to your browser and stored on your computer’s hard drive, tablet or mobile device. When you visit our site or apps it can allow us to recognize and remember you.


First-party and third -party cookies

There are different types of cookies:

• Manufacturer cookies – cookies set by us when you use our website
• Third party cookies – cookies set by other parties or organizations (other than PANTEION UNIVERSITY) when you use our website. Some PANTEION UNIVERSITY websites may also contain content from other websites or links to other websites that may set their own cookies. If you share a link to a PANTEION UNIVERSITY page, the service you share it with may set a cookie on your browser.


How do we use cookies?

We use cookies in a number of ways to improve your experience on our websites or applications ("Site"), including:

• Maintaining the connection
• To understand how you use our website, for example how long you stay on a page or which article you read next
• To remind you to complete a process
• Track how users interact with pages on our website to identify and resolve interface issues


In the following sections, we explain in more detail how cookies can be useful on our website, and when and where you can control them.


What kind of cookies do we use?

We use the following types of cookies:

Strictly Necessary – These cookies are necessary to provide services you have requested, which means they cannot be disabled via the privacy settings link. For example, strictly necessary cookies allow you to stay logged in to your PANTEION UNIVERSITY account and make comments. If you set your browser to block these cookies, then these features and services will not work for you. In particular, we will not be able to store your cookie preferences.
Performance – These cookies measure how often you visit our websites and how you use them. We use this information to better understand how you engage with our journalism and to improve our websites and apps so you have a better experience. For example, we collect information about which of our pages are visited most often and by which types of users.
Functionality – These cookies are used to recognize you and remember your preferences or settings when you return to our website so that we can provide you with a more personalized experience. For example, if you are based in the UK, we will remember this and make sure you get the UK home page when you visit our website, rather than the US or Australian home page. A combination of first-party and third-party cookies is used.


How long do cookies last?

Session Cookies – These cookies last only for the duration of your online session and expire when you close your browser such as Internet Explorer or Safari
Persistent cookies – These cookies remain on your device after you close your browser and last for a period of time specified in the cookie (but no longer than 13 months). We use these cookies when we need to remember you for more than one browsing session, for example to remember your preferences from one visit to the next.


How to manage cookies at PANTEION UNIVERSITY

You can manage the use of cookies on our websites, including advertising cookies, and disable the sharing of data with partners for advertising purposes by clicking the Privacy Settings link in the footer of each page on our website. This link appears in the footer of every page you view on our websites. These privacy settings allow you to withdraw your consent to the placement of cookies or to object to the use of data collected by cookies based on the choice of legitimate interests.
If you are in the US, please use the California Resident - Do Not Sell button instead, which can be found in the footer of every page on our website.
Opting out will reduce the number of advertising partners with whom we share your data, although you will still see some ads that have been tailored to you, as well as ads aimed at PANTEION UNIVERSITY readers in general.


You can disable some cookies through the Your Online Choices website. You may need to do this again each time you use a different IP address, device, or virtual private network. You can also customize the global privacy setting or plugin that should be shared for use through your browser.
It is also possible to stop your browser from accepting cookies entirely by changing your browser's cookie settings. You can usually find these settings in your browser's "options" or "preferences" menu. If you stop your browser from accepting cookies completely, some features on our websites may not work as well as you expect. Please note that browsing in incognito mode or regularly clearing cookies may affect your cookie settings of choice.

The links below may be helpful or you can use the "Help" option in your browser.



Useful links

If you want to know more about privacy, cookies and their use online, you may find the following links useful:

If you want to contact us about cookies, please email PANTEION UNIVERSITY..





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