NameThesis TitleSupervisor
Angkeliki Petridou Refugees of the Greek Civil War in the former People's Republics; an anthropological study of the second generation Dimitra Kofti
Giorgos Chtenelis Space and learning in the context of the Greek video game culture: An anthropological approach Petros Petridis

Ifigenia Anastasiadi

The politics of humanitarian aid: NGOs and International Organizations in Ethiopia

Athena Athanasiou

Panagiotis Antoniadis Sex as an ethicopolitical encounter: psycho-biopolitics of intimacy and the pedagogy of desire in the post-HIV/AIDS Athenian queerscapes Athena Athanasiou
Christina Marily Bourma Theory of revolution in Karl Marx and Hannah Arendt Aliki Lavranu
Martha Bouziouri Transnational artists in theatre: identity and artistic expression in Athens Giorgos Tsimouris

Io Chaviara

(H.F.R.I. Grant)

PASOK as heritage? Eleana Yalouri

Alkisti Efthymiou

(H.F.R.I. Grant)

Love in crisis, love as crisis: Queer feminist cinema under conditions of neoliberal governmentality in the Southern Cone.

Athena Athanasiou

Marilena Gatsiou

(H.F.R.I. Grant)

Aesthetic possibilities and political significations of pop culture: An ethnographic study on the LGBTQI+ community of Kosovo Eirini Avramopoulou

Sofia Grigoriadou

(IKY Grant)

Contemporary art production and/in changing cities. The examples of Athens and Skopje Eleana Yalouri

Taj Khan Kalash

Islamisation and Identity Negotiation among the Kalasha people of the Hindukush

Diana Riboli

Panagiotis Karagounis

Living from the death of the others

Gerasimos Makris

Konstantinos Kolovos

Forced migration trauma as an identity. Narratives of asylum seekers in Athens

Giorgos Tsimouris

Katerina Konstantinou An Ethnography of Byzantine Cultural Heritage Eleana Yalouri

Efi Mastorodimou

(IKY Grant)

Housing and social suffering: Dispossession, precarity and the welfare state in urban and semi-urban Greece

Athena Athanasiou

Petroula Ntasi Εducation and migration: Investigating the dyamics of attitudes and beliefs of teachers in the "multicultural" schools of Athens, Greece Giorgos Tsimouris

Stavros Oikomomopoulos

(IKY Grant)

"Residing Outside South City's Wall": Kolkata's changing urban landscape in the post-liberalization era Leonidas Economou

Kelly Ousantzopoulou

Homosexuality, parenthood and kinship in contemporary Greek society

Eirini Tountasaki

Thomas Papakonstantinou

Leonidas Economou

Eleni Lazaridou

Queer necropolitics in MMORPG: a multilocal and multimodal ethnography

Petros Petridis

Violetta Koutsoukou Radical Care and Digitality: an anthropological study on wellness industry through yoga and meditation practices Petros Petridis
Illiana Papangeli

Encountering the ‘others’ as dead bodies: Aporias of death on the island of Lesvos

Giorgos Tsimouris

Bessy Polykarpou

(H.F.R.I. Grant)

Political coalitions for possible better worlds: Violence, solidarity and gender resistance in contemporary Athens Athena Athanasiou

Arezu Rezaian

(IKY Grant)

Conceptualizations of Parenthood/Familyhood and Perceptions of Gender Roles: The example of Afghan and Iranian Refugees in Athens Eirini Tountasaki
Nefeli Roumelioti On the limits of politics of life and necropolitics: Performing vulnerability in the context of "refugee crisis" in Greece Athena Athanasiou

Valentini Sampethai

(Wenner-Gren Foundation Grant)

Just work: labor, class and subjectivity in an Athenian sex stroll

Aliki Angelidou

Nihal Soganci

An ethnographic study of forced and non-forced migration from Turkey to North Cyprus: Interaction of divided worlds, segregation and conflicting identities.

Giorgos Tsimouris

Nicolaos Vassilopoulos

Iranian and Afghan Refugees in Athens and their Conversion to Christianity. An Anthropological and Multimedia Research

Gerasimos Makris

Lorenzo Vittozzi Christian proselytism, religious and cultural identity in Nepal: The case of the Tamang Diana Riboli
Paraskevi Zotali Cosmo-technologies, techno-ontologies and techno-resistance: Ιndigenizing the production of digital technologies Diana Riboli


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