NamePhD ThesisSupervisorYear of completion
Christina Tigga

"Do Erasmus baby!" The never-ending production of the desire to remain interconnected and mobile

Eleni Papagaroufali 2022
Lykourgos Papamichail

‘Why is it different to be AEK (?)’: football and identity in Greece

Dimitra Gefou-Madianou 2022
Stelios Parissopoulos

Nursing praxis in intensive care unit: Clinical decision-making and power relations

Eleni Papagaroufali 2022
Savvas Triantafyllidis Tracing homosexual fatherhood' : Anthropological Approaches on Male Homosexual Relatedness in Modern Greece Eirini Tountasaki 2021

Iraklitos Sougioultzoglou

"Greek" Egypt as a Site of History and Memory

Gerassimos Makris


Eleni Kapetanaki

New Life, returning to Albania (?). An Ethnographic Approach

Dimitra Gefou-Madianou


Angeliki Mitropoulou

Healings by the Grace of Spirits: Greek Patients, Brazilian Healings and the Question of Reconstruction of Subjectivity

Eleni Papagaroufali


Evangelia Haridi

From within the Eyes of the Blind: An Anthropological Interpretation of “Seeing”

Eleni Papagaroufali


Konstantinos Aivaliotis

Culture, Documentary and Film Festival: An Ethnographic Perspective

Dimitra Gefou-Madianou


Theodosia Marinoudi

Autism, Subjectivity, and the Relationship between Speech and the Body: Anthropological Perspectives

Athena Athanasiou


Dimitrios Oulis

Harmonic Crisis: Spiritual Techniques and Political Attitudes of the Spiritual Center “Harmonic Life” toward the Economic Crisis: A Contribution to the Anthropological Study of “Alternative Religions”

Gerasimos Makris


Evangelia-Antonia Samara

The Voyage: The Lived Experience as a Means of Constructing the Self

Giorgos Tsimouris


Erasmia Samikou

The Bureaucratization of Pain: A Civil Service Case in Greece

Athena Athanasiou


Natalia Koutsougera

Nighttime “Popular” Entertainment and Youth Culture: An Anthropological Perspective

Dimitra Gefou-Madianou


Leandros Kyriakopoulos

Rituals of Modern Urban Nomadism:   Psy-trance Εvents as Heterotopic Performances

Athena Athanasiou


Joseph Konstantinou

We have three TV's, DVD and Video: Means of Communication and Identity Formation among Albanian Students

Eleni Papagaroufali


Petros Petridis

Digital Archives and Exchange Practices: An Anthropological Perspective of Peer Networks

Dimitra Gefou-Madianou


Lazaros Tendomas

Children Living Outside, Children Living In: Experiences of Students with Disabilities at a Special Education School

Dimitra Gefou-Madianou


Elizabeth-Aigli Brouskou

Child trafficking in Greek Society: The Case of the Public Nursery “Agios Stylianos” in Thessaloniki

Eva Kalpourtzi


Athena Hairpaloglou

Teenagers Against the Law: Aspects of “Deviance” amongst Minors in Greece.

Dimitra Gefou-Madianou


Michalis Petrou

Modern Technology and Foreign Migrants: Negotiating Socio- Cultural and Production Relations in an Agricultural Society

Dimitra Gefou-Madianou



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